Photographic Fine Art

Scott Hime is a photographic artist working in Sarasota, Florida. He has a deep interest in Black and White large format Fine Art Photography, and his love of the classic landscape started back in his college years. All processing and printing of his work were personally handled by Scott Hime, with stringent adherence to the highest archival standards. Now, his work is produced digitally. Scott Hime has several themes he continually returns to throughout the years. He creates primarily Landscape and Botanical Images. In this wandering, he most enjoys the sense of discovery and the act of visual exploration when putting together an image on the ground glass. Within his images, Scott Hime seeks movement, either from the subject itself or from the composition elements. He seeks to pull your eye through the image and have you discover the visual treasures. His work is primarily Black & White, with a little color. He has utilized all camera formats. He loves using large format cameras such as 12×20, 11×14, and 8×10. The large negative that results provides crystal clear definition and smooth tonality, a jewel-like quality. Over the years, Scott Hime has captured both with film and digital; he now offers his prints created from one of the best labs in the country. He offers the prints three ways: you may buy just the print, the print double matted on white museum board, or the print with the double mat and framed. To view Scott Hime’s portfolio, visit the gallery index.

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